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In 1993, Jack Livesley filled in for a missing creative writing teacher. It was the beginning of 13 years of weekly workshops for aspiring writers, who became known as the Jolly Lits. Twenty-six of these writers have collaborated to produce this book. The writing presented includes short stories and character sketches, humour, memoirs, essays and poetry.

WordStruck is a 170-page, softcover book. It is available for $15 (Canadian currency). If you would like to order a copy, please email Bill Rundle at

The writers in this collection are:WordStruck Cover
Helen Bacoka
Gail Balfour
Carole Barrett
Melanie Christensen
Minerva Cook
Nancy Donnaperna
Frances Frommer
Paul Gyori
Robert Jones
Jack Livesley
Deb Loughead
Barb MacDonald
Corinne Cast McCorkle
Claire Moran
Barb Nobel
Marianne L. Pelletier
Livia Privato-Fuchs
Isobel Raven
Astrid Rutsatz
Brigitte Sargent
John M. Sargent
Justin Snaith
Joan Strathdee
Caroleen Whiteley
Paul Valliere
Gerda Voss

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The cover art is by Victor Pravato, and the book design is by Corinne Cast McCorkle.

The Editorial Committee members are Jack Livesley, Deb Loughead, Corinne McCorkle, Claire Moran, Barb Nobel, Isobel Raven and Paul Valliere.


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